You’re on a mission to change the world!

Your mission is to serve and to help, not only your clients and customers, but to create a legacy of serving and helping through the work that you do.

Your organization helps people or places in need, strengthens communities, and provides jobs. Yet, finding funding for your organization year after year can be a challenging process. We get that. And fortunately for you, we can save you time and money in order to free up your time to do the work that you actually want to do.

The Expertise

1. a detailed individual that is proficient with grant procedures; especially: a skillful grant writer and fundraiser;

The Dotted i is a Montana based consultant agency that provides grant writing, fundraising, and project management services across the United States. Owned and operated by Breanna Polacik (that’s me!), and supported by a knowledgable team, we help both non-profit and for-profit organizations find and get funding for unique projects that make the world a better place.

As one of the only three fundraising professionals in Montana that are professionally certified through the National Grant Professionals Association, I bring a wealth of knowledge to your project. With nearly a decade of experience in project development and administration, I understand the importance of funder relationships and excel at creating this relationship for your organization.

The Fundraising

Half the battle of writing grants is finding them. We use professional online funding databases, as well as our own mental database, garnered from years of experience researching and writing state and federal grants. We provide our clients with a uniquely objective perspective on writing grants (since we’ve spent time in the trenches talking to many a grant-funding committees), and save our clients time and money by eliminating grants that aren’t a good fit.

2. an expert in securing funding for organizations;

The Projects

3. someone that greatly enjoys assisting organizations in securing necessary funding to accomplish their mission and goals.

We work with both non-profits (think community-based food pantries, at-risk youth empowerment programs, and skate parks) and for-profit organizations (think engineering firms creating environmentally sustainable agriculture solutions, large organizations looking to hire more underrepresented employees, and one-woman shops looking to create a national movement of community around entrepreneurship). If your project makes the world a better place to live in, we can help you get it funded.

Let’s Talk

Ready to get on the phone and talk about your project? We offer 30-minute calls to any organization who needs grant funding. We’ll discuss your organization, your goals for your project, and how we can lean in the most to help turn your project into a reality.

Have questions you want answered before you contact me? Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page.

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